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5/22/2014 Disclaimers

All logos depicted at this site should be regarded as being the property of the respective team or college. If you want to use the any blade image containing copyrighted material in ANY commercial sense, you must obtain permission from the respective team(s), not from this web site. Do not send me a "if we do not hear from you, we will assume permission is granted"-type message, either - permission is NOT granted to use these blade images in any commercial sense.

No guarantee can be made that blade images shown here are accurate depictions of the "real" oars or of the respective team's designs. Although I have tried to maintain a high level of accuracy, much of the information at this site is based on visitor input, photos from team web sites and other sources of unknown reliability. Unfortunately, many people have submitted information that was later found to be inaccurate...this site should not be regarded as the "final word" on oar designs.

Any information that can be given to help update, maintain, or otherwise keep the site as up-to-date and complete as possible is much appreciated. Creating all of the images requires a siginificant amount of time and I would like viewers to respect my wish to not use these images for commerical gain and forgive any errors that may occur. Any errors are unintentional.

If you would like to add your rowing club's oar colors or clarify an error, send an email to

You may feel free to copy the blade images on these pages and use them (in moderation) on your own non-commercial conference, school, rowing team, or personal web pages. For example, if you row for Team X feel free to use the blade for Team X with proper credit given to Universities and colleges, in particular, are welcome to use the collection in any way they wish, including media guides, game programs, etc., but I regret to note that I am unable to provide versions of the blade images that are of different sizes or higher resolutions than you see at this site (or I may ask for a donation for such services). Wholesale downloading of tens or hundreds of designs for broadcast, t-shirts, programs, etc. is not ok without asking. I may grant you one-time use rights and watermark-free files based on your intended use or in return for a donation.

All I would ask in return is that you help by posting a link to the "" from your web page so that additional people will find the site and contribute towards its development. Also, please contribute information yourself whenever you can. Commercial use of the images is NOT permitted, because the various colleges own all such rights to their respective logos used on some blades; so do not attempt to print these images onto some product that you intend to sell. Re-distribution of the images en masse, livestream, on CD or other media is absolutely prohibited. Also, please don't be a jerk and copy the entire gallery of helmet images at this site off to another similar web site. I consider a few dozen images or so to be an acceptable number to use; many more than that is not.

All proceeds from the shopping and donation links go to help Case Crew, not OarSpotter. Please consider helping.

My site with oar designs, rowing blades, and rowing, oar paint schemes for your enjoyment. Also included are blade designs, rowing club links, and oar paint designs for comparison to your own rowing club's design.